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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right-wing activist calls on IDF soldiers to sabotage equipment

 Published 18:22 13.12.11 Latest update 18:22 13.12.11

Yitzhar resident 'warns' soldiers not to take certain actions that may prevent evacuations, such as spreading nails on roads or damaging engines.

By Chaim Levinson

A day after settlers attacked a West Bank IDF base, one of Yitzhar settlement's most prominent residents, Boaz Albert, published a "personal letter" to IDF soldiers calling on them to sabotage the army's equipment and prevent evacuations. 

The letter, published on "The Jewish Voice" website, ironically warns soldiers not to take certain measures against the army, but in effect provides them with practical advice aimed at preventing evacuations and house demolitions. 

Soldiers clashing with settlers near Jericho Israeli soldiers clashing with settlers barricaded in a synagogue in the West Bank city of Jericho on February 21, 2009.
Photo by: Reuters

"There are certain points that... will ensure your unit's operational capability to carry out the essential task of demolishing houses," Albert wrote. 

"Dozens of vehicles move through your base every day," he writes. "You must take care that their wheels don't get accidentally damaged by sharp tools… It is important that the roads be clear of screws and nails." 

According to the letter, "every vehicle has a 'switch' that is essential for its operation. It is very important that toothpicks or wooden chips do not get stuck in the switch, and glue must not be poured on it." 

Albert goes on to "warn" against sabotaging communications system or the vehicles' engines, and advises that graffiti against commanders may hurt the soldiers' morale. He also calls for meticulous documentation of incidents. 

"I am sure you can find other points that will… increase the chances of the essential mission of house demolitions, and make you feel whole with yourself for your important contribution to nation-building and building this country. Good luck." 

On Monday night, some 50 settlers and right-wing activists entered a key West Bank military base and threw rocks, burned tires, and vandalized military vehicles. 

The settlers were acting in response to a rumor that the IDF would act to evict a West Bank settlement in accordance with an August Supreme Court ruling.

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