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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Israeli Military Takes Precautions To Prevent Leaks Regarding Removal Of Minor Outposts

Sunday October 09, 2011 12:54author by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News

According to Israeli sources, the military has taken a number of measures to prevent leaks by soldiers about when minor settlement outposts will be dismantled. This is due to recent occurrences of soldiers sharing information with settlers in order to obstruct the Israeli procedures.
Israeli settlement outpost (image from Boker Tov blog)
Israeli settlement outpost (image from Boker Tov blog)
Since there is a legal draft in Israel, all citizens, including settlers living illegally in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, are required to serve in the military for three years. This leads to a mixed allegiance among certain soldiers when they are ordered to remove illegal settlement outposts, and has led to a trend of Israeli soldiers leaking information to settlers in illegal outposts.

The new policy will extend a rule enacted several months ago, in which soldiers living in settlements were not to be told about plans to dismantle outposts. Since that policy did not stop the leaks, the new rule will include all soldiers and officers serving in the West Bank.

According to military officials, only sector commanders will be given the information on when and where outpost removal procedures will take place.

Although Israeli soldiers are not tasked with removing settlement outposts themselves, they serve as security for the Israeli border police and other officers that actually carry out the dismantling of illegal outposts.

The Israeli government has a policy that determines some of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be 'legal' and others 'illegal', despite the fact that all Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are considered illegal under international law, as they violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of civilian populations onto land seized by military force.

Over 500,000 Israeli settlers currently live in settlements on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem -- 300,000 of these have moved to the settlements in the years since the Oslo Accords in 1993.

Tension Rises Following Jaffa Cemeteries Vandalism

Date : 9/10/2011   Time : 11:32

JAFFA, October 9, 2011 (WAFA) – Sectarian tension is rising in the coastal city Jaffa, twin city of Tel Aviv, following the vandalism of Muslim and Christian cemeteries on Friday night in a suspected “price tag” attack by extremist Jews.
The extremists destroyed graves and wrote racist slogans such as “death to Arabs” and “price tag,” slogans associated with Jewish settlers’ attacks on Palestinian villages in the West Bank.
Dozens of Jaffa’s Arab and Jewish residents protested Saturday night against the attack, demanding from Israeli police to arrest and prosecute the assailants.
The vandalism drew wide condemnation by Israeli, Arab and religious figures such as Israeli President Shimon Peres, Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai, and the chief rabbi of the city.
“It’s an unforgivable crime. All red lines have been crossed in Israel; first the mosque arson in Tuba-Zangaria and now the desecration of Muslim and Christian cemeteries,” said Jaffa councilman Ahmed Mashharawi.
Israeli police announced its ongoing investigation of the incident in Jaffa, especially after its earlier statement that it will raise the security level around holy Muslim sites following the mosque arson in Galilee earlier this month.

Jerusalem prisoner committee head arrested

Sunday, 9 October, 2011 | 18:53

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) -- Israeli forces arrested Jerusalem Committee for Families of Prisoners head Amjad Abu Assab from his home in Al-Sowaneh on Friday. Assab’s brother Yaqoob was also issued an order from the Ministry of Interior banning him from travel outside the country for six months, citing “prevention of endangerment of Israel’s security”. Yaqoob reported that a special unit of Israeli forces accompanied by intelligence officers stormed the family home to issue the travel ban order. Yaqoob is already banned from travel by the state, with his current order set to expire on November 5. The new order bans him from travel from November 4 until May 5 next year. While officers issued Yaqoob the order, his brother was arrested. Yaqoob speculates that the delivery of the order was a useful cover to arrest his brother, stating that “in the past I have been summoned by telephone to the Russian Compound when being issued such orders.” Amjad was ordered to accompany officers to the station, supposedly to be issued the same orders. Amjad Assab’s detention was extended until today, says his lawyer, and remains under investigation in the Russian Compound in West Jerusalem.

Violations against Palestinian detainees escalating

Al Qassam website- Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Issa Qaraqe’, stated Saturday that Palestinian political detainees in Israeli prisons are ongoing with their hunger strike demanding their legal rights, yet, Israel is escalating its violations against them in an attempt to break their strike.
Qaraqe’ added that the Israeli Prison Administration is trying to claim it is negotiating with the detainees, and listening to their demands, but its main aim is to delay the “talks” as long as possible without seriously listening to the legitimate demands, the Maan News Agency reported. 

The minister’s statements came during a visit to a solidarity tent in the Duheisha refugee camp in Bethlehem, where a number of residents are holding a solidarity hunger strike. 

Qaraqe’ stated that the Israeli Prison Administration is “physically and emotionally torturing the striking detainees, placing dozens of them in solitary confinement, and is even preventing them from having plastic cups for water, and salt, in their rooms”. 

He also stated that the detainees in Asqalan Prison are now also boycotting the prison clinic due to the bad and harsh treatment they face while seeking medical attention, and that the Prison Police is forcibly dragging them to the clinic.

All sorts of communication with the detainees are now blocked, visitations denied, TV sets and Radios confiscated, and communication between the detainees in different sections of Asqalan prison are also denied. 

The minister said that four detainees in Asqalan who are currently in solitary confinement are facing seriously deteriorating health conditions. 

The Israeli Prison Administration also forced 65 striking detainees in Ohali Kidar Prison into solitary confinement by placing every four detainees in one tiny cell, and also confiscated their watches to keep them confused. 

The 53 striking detainees, held in Shatta Prison, are undergoing attacks and psychological warfare practiced against them by the Prison Administration and the prison guards. 

In Ofer prison, the Prison Administration placed 12 striking detainees into solitary confinement after violently attacking and beating them. 

Qaraqe’ issued an appeal to the International Red Cross to act fast and visit the striking detainees, and warned of a potential humanitarian crisis in all Israeli prisons and detention centers. 

He said that all activities and protests, held in solidarity with the detainees, in Palestine and in exile, would continue and escalate until Israel abides by the International Law and starts treating the detainees in accordance to all international treaties, including the Fourth Geneva Conventions.

Zahhar: Living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon not acceptable

[ 09/10/2011 - 06:45 PM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)-- Mahmoud Zahhar, a political bureau member of Hamas, has described as unacceptable the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
Zahhar, who was speaking during a tour of Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon on Saturday, said there was a wrong policy being practiced against them.
He said that Palestinians in Gaza under siege and constant attacks are living much better than the refugees in Lebanon.
The Hamas leader said that he would meet with Arab League secretary general Nabil Al-Arabi and ask him to pressure Lebanon into improving the living condition of those refugees.
He added that preserving the rights of the Palestinian refugees would empower them to resist resettlement projects with the example of Palestinians temporarily staying in camps in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

The senior Hamas official and co-founder called on the Lebanese authorities to shoulder responsibilities towards the camps and to quickly secure necessary funds to finalize reconstruction projects.

Following his speech in Nahar al-Barid, Zahar paid visits to steel makeshift homes and listened to the plight of the residents.

Israel’s top critic attacked by Jewish Group

SUNDAY, 09 OCTOBER 2011 22:47

London, (Pal Telegraph) - A number of so-called “Pro Palestinian campaigners” are planning a picket against the musician and activist, Gilad Atzmon, in London Monday, 10/10/2011. The campaigners suggest that Atzmon is harmful for the Palestinian solidarity. However, the man is reported to be one of the top critics of Israel and its deadly policies in the Middle East.

A group of the so-called Pro-Palestinian campaigners, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-Big) have called for a picket tomorrow where Atzmon will be launching his new Book, “The Wandering Who”. The Book tackles the Jewish-identity politics and how some Jews in the Diaspora support Israel.
Further, it reveals a very solid fact that some of the so-called Pro Palestinian Jewish groups are working to support Palestinians. Their support of Palestine is conditional where they have Israel’s benefit as a top priority.
The J-Big’s call has been spread by a fanatic persona who is attempting to silence Atzmon from criticizing Israel and its Jewish supporters.  Experts suggested that J-Big is harming the Palestinian solidarity movement in the UK as it brings in some personal conflicts in regard of very-Jewish issues to the arena of Palestine activism.
Tahir Mahdi, a Palestinian activists based in London expressed his deep concern over the move of J-BIG. He thinks that their move is dividing the Palestinian solidarity in the UK.
“I think Jewish business should be discussed in-house. Jews should take their own conflicts away from the solidarity groups. J-BIG did great job to boycott Israeli goods. Now, they are deviating from their own discourse. If they have issues with Atzmon, then they should keep it away from our Palestinian struggle. I don’t understand why they are trying to hijack the movement.” Said Mahdi
Atzmon's Book Launch is scheduled tomorrow, October 10th at 7.30pm. It will take place at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA. The launch is open for public.
Palestinian and Pro Palestinian activists are expected to attend the event.