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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Protest in The Hague against Netanyahu – with pictures

[ 21/01/2012 - 11:46 AM ]

THE HAGUE, (PIC)– An angry protest was held outside the parliament in The Hague on Thursday to condemn the visit made by Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu and demand his arrest for war crimes against the Palestinians.

Protestors from Palestine, the Netherlands, and Arab countries participated in the rally carrying banners and pictures describing Netanyahu as “terrorist” and wanted for justice, and calling for his arrest as a “war criminal”.

Many other slogans were also chanted against Netanyahu in protest of his visit.

For his part, Viem Lankamp, the head of Palestine league in Netherlands, strongly denounced the visit of Netanyahu and demanded his immediate arrest and prosecution for the war crimes he committed against the Palestinians in Gaza and for other violations.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

In pictures

In Photos: Zionist settlers burn the vehicle of a 53 year old woman

21 January 2012 | International Solidarity Movement

On Sunday, the 16th of January, at approximately 2 AM, about fifty settlers, accompanied by Israeli soldiers, entered the Abu Haikal family’s field in the neighborhood of Tel Rumeideh in Hebron. After throwing stones at the family’s house, they savagely burnt the car of Hana Haikal, fifty-three years old.

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Israeli ban on family visits to Gazan prisoners violates international law

Submitted by Adri Nieuwhof on Fri, 12/30/2011 - 15:40

Palestinian human rights organization Addameer condemned Israel’s ban on family visits to prisoners from Gaza in Israeli jails in a press statement of 27 December. Israel prohibited these visits in June 2007 following the Hamas victory in the 2006 Palestinian elections and the capture of an Israeli soldier in June 2006.

Addameer emphasizes that the right to family visits is entrenched in international law. However, the 443 Palestinians prisoners from Gaza who are currently detained in Israel are completely isolated from their families and communities.

The situation of the prisoners deteriorated further after Israel decided in November 2009 that any transfer of money to the prisoners required the physical presence of a family member at an Israeli bank. Families residing in the Gaza Strip cannot travel to Israel due to the Israeli siege. The Israeli Prison Service does not provide access to all basic necessities. Prisoners therefore depend on material support received from family members during visits or on funds transferred by their families to buy the necessary items in the prison canteen. 

According to Addameer, the prohibition of family visits is designed to demoralize and punish prisoners’ families for the political choices the population of Gaza made in 2006 and for the June 2006 capture of an Israeli soldier. 

Red Cross must not bargain about prisoner rights 

The Israeli Prison Service should immediately allow family visits and telephone communications to Gazan prisoners, in accordance with its legal obligations. However, Israel has proposed video conferences to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as alternative to family visits, said Mourad Jadallah from Addameer yesterday in a telephone conversation. Families have the right to visit their detained relatives and the ICRC should uphold this right, clarified Jadallah. 

Hisham Hassan, spokesperson of the ICRC in Geneva, confirmed that Israel is required by Article 27 of the Fourth Geneva Convention to allow family members to visit their relatives in detention. The ICRC repeatedly has called on Israel to resume the family visits for Gazan prisoners, according to Hassan. He was not aware of Israel’s latest proposal of video conferences. In the past, the ICRC has requested Israel - as temporary measure - to allow telephone calls by Gazan prisoners with their families. It is up to the detainees to decide what they need, says Hassan. 

Jadallah is not satisfied with the ICRC’s efforts to protect the rights of the Gazan prisoners in Israeli jails in the past five years. International action is needed to pressurize the Israeli Government to end its violations of international law and to respect forthwith the rights of Palestinian political prisoners and their families.

Haniyya Calls on P.A to Stop Talks with Israel

Saturday January 21, 2012 04:03 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies
Ismail Haniyya, Prime Minister of the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip, demanded that the Palestinian Authority (P.A) in the West Bank halt talks with Israel in response to the kidnapping of the head of the Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik.
Ismail Haniyya - Palestine-Info
Ismail Haniyya - Palestine-Info

Dweik was kidnapped Thursday at the Jaba’ roadblock, south of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Haniyya said that the abduction of Dr. Dweik is a “new Israeli crime," and added that the Palestinian authority, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank, must act and end all talks with Israel.

He said that the legislative council should hold a session by the beginning of February.

The Hamas political leader further stated that peace negotiations with the Israeli occupation are nothing but a failure and are futile, adding that “the Palestinians should not shake hands with their occupiers and enemies who arrest the elected officials, and attack their people."

He said that the Palestinian factions must be serious about implementing their national unity agreement, adding that national unity and reconciliation cannot be achieved while the P.A in the West Bank is conducting security coordination with the occupation.


Dr. Aziz Dweik was repeatedly kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel, and in 1992, he and 415 political leaders of the Hamas movement were expelled to Marj Az-Zohour area in Southern Lebanon. They refused to head to Lebanon and camped out in the cold in Marj Az-Zouhour until they were allowed back into Palestine.

He served as Hamas English Language spokesperson, and in 2006 he was elected as the head of the Palestinian Legislative Council when Hamas garnered an overwhelming victory in the legislative and local council elections; Israel and the United States decided to shun the elected government.

On June 29, 2006, and after being elected as the PLC head, Dr. Dweik was kidnapped, along with dozens of elected Hamas officials, and was imprisoned by Israel for three years despite the fact that no charges were brought against him as he was placed under administrative detention.

He was released on June 23, 2009, after an Israeli court refused to extend his remand when the Israeli prosecution failed to present any evidence against him. The prosecution was attempting to have Dr. Dweik remanded under administrative detention for an additional year.

Aziz Dweik - Palestine-Info
Aziz Dweik - Palestine-Info

UFree: Deterrence against Israel needed to stop arresting Palestinian MPs

[ 21/01/2012 - 03:04 PM ]

OSLO, (PIC)– The European Network to Support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (UFree) has described the Israeli arrest of Palestinian parliament speaker Dr. Aziz Dweik and another MP as “serious escalation”.
It said in a press release on Saturday that condemnation statements were no longer valid in this case and that practical actions and pressure must be adopted on the part of international organizations and European parliaments to deter Israel.

The Oslo-based network said that the detention of the Palestinian MPs clearly displays Israel’s violation of international laws and doctrines, which incriminate the detention of the democratically elected parliament members.

UFree said that the detention of Dweik and MP Khaled Tafesh raised the number of Palestinian lawmakers detained in Israeli jails to 25 mostly held under the “illegal” administrative custody.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

Inciting to kill Obama: Another Judeofascist from Chabad ~ by Larry Derfner

 January 21 2012| Larry Derfner | 972 Magazine

Chabad is the largest, most energetic Jewish movement on earth, and it gives a place of honor to people like Andrew Adler, the Atlanta Jewish Times publisher who suggested that the Mossad kill Obama.  

Unfortunately, Chabad enjoys this heimishe image for bestowing yiddishkeit on Jews the world over, holding Passover seder for young Israelis traveling in the East, laying tfillin at the airport – strictly mitzvah-doers. The other side of Chabad – the violent, Jewish supremacist side – is less well-known. Maybe that will change now, though, with the op-ed by Chabadnik Andrew Adler, publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, who suggests that Israel assassinate Obama so it’ll be free to bomb Iran. (Disclosure: I wrote about Israel for the Atlanta Jewish Times in the 1990s, years before it was sold to this lunatic.)

Among the most prominent Chabad rabbis in Israel is Yitzhak Ginsburgh, author of Baruch Hagever, a tribute to Baruch Goldstein, and of the opinion that if a Jew needed a liver transplant, Jewish law would allow him to cut out a gentile’s liver. Another revered Chabad rabbi here is Shalom Dov Wolpe, who has praised the murder of Yitzhak Rabin and called for the murders of Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni – and I’m sure that’s only a partial list.

Yossi Gurvitz notes that a Chabadnik, Harry Shapiro, was convicted of planting a pipe bomb in a Jacksonville, Fla. synagogue when Shimon Peres was visiting. Further on the Florida-Chabad-”death-to-Peres” connection, I have an Orthodox Jewish friend in Fort Lauderdale who used to pray at a Chabad shul because it was close by, and he told me that after Rabin’s assassination, some of the congregants were jubilant, openly saying they wished Yigal Amir had gotten Peres, too.

At a Jerusalem rally a month before the assassination, it was two students at a Chabad yeshiva who printed up the photomontages of Rabin in an SS uniform that were held aloft in the crowd. During Netanyahu’s first term, a Chabadnik in Safed was arrested for threatening to kill him. During the wild protests against disengagement from Gaza, Chabadniks were involved in much of the worst violence – closing the highway to Jerusalem by spreading oil and nails on it, commandeering a Palestinian house in Gaza, writing “Muhammad is a pig” on the walls and finally setting it on fire.

I know that not every Chabadnik is like this, and if any Chabad leader comments on Adler’s op-ed, he’ll of course condemn it. Furthermore I know there’s a split within Chabad between the messianics and the mainstream – but it doesn’t matter. This is the largest, most energetic Jewish movement on earth, and it gives a place of honor to bloodthirsty Judeofascists like Ginsburgh, Wolpe, Adler and others.

Remember that the next time a couple of grinning Chabadniks on the street invite you over for Shabbes.