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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sleeping on Stones

A Palestinian dramatic feature film set in Hebron.

What We Need 

We need US$750,000 to bring the film to full completion. This includes the total costs for production (filming in Hebron), post-production (editing in the US) and some distribution needs (getting the word out about the film). We'll be working with the best in film production talent and cast in both Palestine and the US. If we don't reach our entire goal by our deadline, the production will be delayed until we attain the full funds. 

Whatever you can donate takes us closer to our goal, no matter how big or small. 

Just click on "contribute now" to the right, 

select your donation amount and perk, if applicable.

Sleeping on Stones - The Quest to Make This Film
Sleeping on Stones will be a feature-length Palestinian drama, to be shot in the West Bank city of Hebron. It will be the first dramatic feature film made in Hebron.

The film above is the vision trailer we shot in Hebron last June. We wanted to convey the story and the emotion of the film to bring it to you, our supporting audience.

We have been trying to raise funds for Sleeping on Stones for 10 years now, via grants, international finance, co-productions, production companies, competitions and private investors. As there is scant finance for Palestinian films in the global film industry and the major studios have no interest in producing such a film, we believe:

It's up to our audience now. And that's you!

The Sleeping on Stones - The Story
In Hebron, three 10-year-old boys come of age during the 1987 Intifada. Hamza is a talented soccer player, Yousef has a voice for the old Arabic ballads, and Jacob is a rebellious Jewish-American settler who is out of place in his new homeland. Their passion for soccer bonds their childhood together but ten years later, their friendship faces obstacles as their lives' adult choices under Israeli occupation begin. 

Sleeping on Stones - The AccoladesThus Far

  • 2006 - Screenplay selected for Sundance Institute - Royal Film Commission Jordan's RAWI Screenwriter's Lab

  • 2007 - Project selected for the Mediterranean Films Crossing Borders Programme at Cannes Film Festival

  • 2010 - Project selected for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival's Crossroads Co-Production Forum

  • 2010 - Project awarded fiscal sponsorship by the New York Foundation for the Arts

  • 2011 - Trailer awarded the PomGrant by the Pomegranate Film Festival

About the Writer-Director

Sleeping on Stones' Writer-Director Nicole Ballivian's last feature film was a US-Palestinian comedy, Driving to Zigzigland (2006), which won the Russian Cinematographers and Film Critics Award, Best Actor and Best Feature Film Awards at Amal Film Fest (Spain) and the Arabian Sights Audience Award at FilmFest DC. Nicole was selected as a screenwriting fellow for the Sundance Institute - Royal Film Commission Jordan's RAWI Screenwriter's Lab for her screenplay, Sleeping on Stones.  Nicole's 20-year film and television production background includes work for Warner Bros, Universal Pictures and independent film. Nicole graduated in Film from American University in Washington DC in 1996.

Other Ways You Can Help

1) Post the link for this campaign on Facebook & Twitter - Post it on your personal wall and other pertinent groups you think may have interest.  

2) Like our Facebook Page: and follow us on Twitter: and ask others to follow too! 

3) Sign up for our email list at

You can't imagine the lengths your post about this campaign will travel to via Facebook and Twitter. We really value your spreading the word!

What You Get

We've got some great incentives lined up on the right. They're based on donation amounts and some of them are limited.

Unreleased Marcel Khalife Music: The renowned Marcel Khalife will be composing the Sleeping on Stones film score and after the composition completion, we'll have it available for those who meet the challenge. 

Kuffiyas from the Khalil: Due to globalization's effect on mass kuffiya production and sales, the Hirbawi Factory in Hebron is the last kuffiya factory in Palestine. You can support Hebron by donating to get an authentic kuffiya straight from the Hirbawi Factory.

Hebron Greeting Cards: Our Director of Photography, Hal Haug from Norway, has shot amazing stills that capture the beauty and character of Hebron. We'll be offering greeting cards that feature these photos, for use in any occasion, blank inside.

A copy of the Sleeping on Stones DVD once the film is available for DVD distribution.

Two Tickets to the Sleeping on Stones US Premiere: Five donors who match the goal amount will get two VIP tickets to the film's US premiere, whether at the first film festival, theatrical or other screening. Transportation and accommodation not included.

Screening with the Director: Two donors who match the goal amount will be able to screen the film at the venue of their choice with the director present. Venue costs not included. Limited to within the US only.

A Day on The Set: Two donors who match the goal amount will be able to spend a day on the set in Hebron, shadowing the director. Travel or accommodation costs not provided.

Tax Deduction

For those making a large contribution who would like to have their donation tax-deducted, we have the ability to do so via our fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts. Please contact for more information.


For any questions, please feel free to contact Sign up on our mailing list on our website at

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