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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Court remands Israeli settler suspected of vandalizing IDF West Bank base

Police say there is evidence linking Alex Ostrovsky, 27, to an attack on an Israeli military base following the destruction of 3 illegal homes in the Migron outpost.

A Petah Tikva magistrates' court remanded a West Bank settler on Tuesday who is linked to a recent 'price tag' attack against an Israeli military base as a response for the destruction of 3 illegal homes in the Migron outpost.
Earlier this month, Israeli settlers in the West Bank vandalized an Israel Defense Forces base on Wednesday, carrying out a "price tag" operation against the army for the first time since adopting the policy in recent years.

Unknown perpetrators infiltrated a base in the Binyamin region and snuck their way in to a mechanics workshop on site, where they slashed the tires and cut the cables of 12 army vehicles.
Price tag - Tomer Appelbaum - September 2011
A settler 'price tag' attack on a Peace Now activist's home in Jerusalem.
Photo by: Tomer Appelbaum

The vandals sprayed the word "price tag" on the walls, as well as other graffiti referring to the three illegal homes demolished by the IDF in the outpost of Migron on Monday.
Alex Ostrovsky, a 27-year-old resident of the Eli settlement near the West Bank town of Ariel, was arrested on Monday following suspicions he was behind the "price tag" operation.
At the court hearing, Israel Police officials said Tuesday that a substantial body of evidence has been amassed against Ostrovsky, linking him to what is considered the first so-called "price tag" operation directed against the IDF. The court remanded Ostrovsky for five days.
The Eli resident is a veteran activist in the "Garin Ha'arim Ha'ivriot" (The Seed of Hebrew Cities), a group which advocates the return of Jewish settlers to West Bank towns such as Nablus and Jericho.
Ostrovsky is also known to authorities for his activities in various West Bank outposts, including Ramat Migron and Shvut Amim.
Speaking at the court hearing on Tuesday, Ostrovsky's attorney stated that his client denied any involvement to the attack on the IDF base.

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