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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Israel’s top critic attacked by Jewish Group

SUNDAY, 09 OCTOBER 2011 22:47

London, (Pal Telegraph) - A number of so-called “Pro Palestinian campaigners” are planning a picket against the musician and activist, Gilad Atzmon, in London Monday, 10/10/2011. The campaigners suggest that Atzmon is harmful for the Palestinian solidarity. However, the man is reported to be one of the top critics of Israel and its deadly policies in the Middle East.

A group of the so-called Pro-Palestinian campaigners, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-Big) have called for a picket tomorrow where Atzmon will be launching his new Book, “The Wandering Who”. The Book tackles the Jewish-identity politics and how some Jews in the Diaspora support Israel.
Further, it reveals a very solid fact that some of the so-called Pro Palestinian Jewish groups are working to support Palestinians. Their support of Palestine is conditional where they have Israel’s benefit as a top priority.
The J-Big’s call has been spread by a fanatic persona who is attempting to silence Atzmon from criticizing Israel and its Jewish supporters.  Experts suggested that J-Big is harming the Palestinian solidarity movement in the UK as it brings in some personal conflicts in regard of very-Jewish issues to the arena of Palestine activism.
Tahir Mahdi, a Palestinian activists based in London expressed his deep concern over the move of J-BIG. He thinks that their move is dividing the Palestinian solidarity in the UK.
“I think Jewish business should be discussed in-house. Jews should take their own conflicts away from the solidarity groups. J-BIG did great job to boycott Israeli goods. Now, they are deviating from their own discourse. If they have issues with Atzmon, then they should keep it away from our Palestinian struggle. I don’t understand why they are trying to hijack the movement.” Said Mahdi
Atzmon's Book Launch is scheduled tomorrow, October 10th at 7.30pm. It will take place at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA. The launch is open for public.
Palestinian and Pro Palestinian activists are expected to attend the event.

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