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Saturday, December 24, 2011

US pledges more military aid to Israel

 Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:51AM GMT

US President Barack Obama (R) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (file photo)

US President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill which will provide additional military support to Israel on top of the annual three billion dollars of funding to Israel.

On Friday, US President Obama signed a bill which will grant over USD 200 million worth of military assistance to Tel Aviv to develop its three missile-defense programs in 2012.

“I am proud to say that no US administration has done more in support of Israel's security than ours. None. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. It is a fact,” Obama said last week during the 71st General Assembly of the Union for Reform Judaism, a US representative group, at National Harbor, Maryland.

Earlier this week, Congress approved the financial assistance bill which had been introduced back in May, 2011.

The funding comes despite tough economic conditions in the US, as well as expected cuts to America's own military budget.

Since 2007, the US has invested more than USD 1 billion in missile and rocket defense programs in Israel.

The US gives as grant billions of dollars of American taxpayers' money to the Tel Aviv regime each year in the form of military and economic aid, legally justified as part of US government's foreign aid package.

Washington has never downsized its annual 3-billion-dollar grant to the Israeli regime despite going through its worst recession in decades which has prompted the government to impose major cuts on most public service programs for citizens.

The new US bill comes against a backdrop of nationwide Occupy demonstrations, which have been raging on since September 17 in protest against high-level corruption and corporate greed in the country.


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