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Saturday, December 10, 2011

UN official, ambassadors visit protest tent of Jerusalem officials

[ 10/12/2011 - 10:47 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Palestinian MP Mohamed Toteh and former minister Khaled Abu Arafa on Friday morning met in their sit-in tent in occupied Jerusalem with Frank La Rue, the UN Rapporteur of the right to freedom of opinion.

MP Toteh briefed La Rue on the violations committed by Israel against the native people of Jerusalem and their legitimate representatives.

The lawmaker conveyed his dismay at the silence of UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon who did not reply to the messages sent to him by the lawmakers and the former minister regarding the illigal Israeli decision to expel them from their native city.

UN official La Rue, for his part, hailed the Jerusalemite officials for their admirable way in defending themselves and their people in the holy city.

He described their steadfastness as a brave work and urged them to keep it up until all their demands are met.
For his part, former minister Khaled Abu Arafa told the UN official that the blows received by Jerusalem people from the Israeli occupation are expected, but the ones received from the UN and the international quartet on the Middle East cannot be understood and explained.

Abu Arafa added that the UN and the quartet rejected the democratic choice of the Palestinian people in 2006 election, contributed to Israel’s blockade on Gaza and justified its arrogance and Nazi behavior against the Palestinian people.

The Jerusalemite official also met with Swiss ambassador Ronald Steininger who made a brief visit to their sit-in tent at the Red Cross headquarters.

The ambassador expressed his solidarity with the steadfast officials as well as his grave concern over the violations committed by Israel against them in particular and the people of Jerusalem in general.

The two officials also received earlier in their tent Egyptian ambassador Yasser Othman who conveyed Egypt’s rejection of any Israeli action restricting their freedom and violating their rights.

In a related context, Islamic Jihad official Khader Adnan called on Jerusalem people to form a human shield to defend their compatriots MP Toteh and former minister Abu Arafa who are resisting the Israeli attempts to detain and exile them from the holy city.

Adnan, in a statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), said the Palestinians in Jerusalem should take action on their own without the help of others and defend their existence in their holy city.

“The Arab-Islamic silence and modest reaction as well as the western injustice against our people and their cause and the differences in priorities at the Palestinian level have added to the inherent arrogant nature of the occupation and given it an appetite for more bully acts against our holy sites, our land and the trees and stones above it and the deceased people beneath it,” the Islamic Jihad leader emphasized.

Source and more at Palestinian Information Center

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