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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rosenblit: No one has right to take away basic rights

Woman who refused to sit in back of bus despite haredi demands attends Jerusalem rally against exclusion of women, 'racist' legislation. Livni: She is courageous

Moran Azulay
Published:     12.21.11, 20:32 / Israel News

Tanya Rosenblit, the woman who refused to sit in the back of a bus travelling from Ashdod to Jerusalem despite the demands of haredi passengers, rallied in Jerusalem with Knesset members from the opposition against the exclusion of women from the public sphere.

The Kadima faction, which organized the march from the Supreme Court to the Knesset, said it was planning to launch an ad campaign under the banner "Women from Kadima – making Israel sane again."

"I am at peace with my actions. There are basic rights that no individual or body can take from us. The public domain should be free, and people should be allowed to act as they see fit – work out, dress, eat and travel - to move about wherever they wish," Rosenblit said following the rally.