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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rising anti-Israel mood in Europe triggers Israeli fears once again 19Dec11

 December 19, 2011

The Palestinian Information Centre  -  18 December 2011


NAZARETH, (PIC)– Israeli fears of the growing anti-Israel sentiments in some European cities have started recently to rise once again as a result of its persistent and escalating crimes against the Palestinians.

In one incident, a lecture hall at the Italian university Naples turned lately into a battleground when Israeli professor from Haifa university Vardit Ha’im was interrupted and criticized several times by pro-Palestine students and peace activists leading her to leave the hall.

In another, US protesters in Minnesota State demanded a few days ago their government to stop Israeli investments in the US to prevent the use of their revenues in the building and expansion of settlements and the segregation wall.

In Berlin, participants in a symposium held recently in the German capital accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity by pursuing mass punishment and apartheid policies against the Palestinian people.

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