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Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Israeli Raids and Arrests near Hebron, Farmers Given 45 Days to Uproot Own Trees

30.11.11 - 22:02


On Wednesday, Israeli forces raided Beit Omar village, northwest of Hebron, and arrested three citizens. Israel has increased its encroachments into Beit Omar, often targeting children. Out of the 16 people arrested in the village, 13 were children.
Palestinians tend their land near the southern West Bank village of Artas (Lo Yuk Fai, PNN).

Eyewitnesses told the official Palestinian news wire Wafa that Israeli forces raided and searched houses in the al-Bayadeh and Wadi al-Sheikh neighborhoods. The houses belonged to 17-year-old Rashid Mohamad Issa Awad, 22-year-old Mahamad Mahmoud Mahamad Ikhlil, and 17-year old Yasser Faiz Mohamad Abu Fanous. The three individuals were detained and taken to Etzion military detention center.

The soldiers arrested Rafeq Abdul Razaq Jaradat  and Umar al-Sheikh Bhis from the villages of Sa'eer and Yatta, respectively.

Israeli forces also arrested 32-year-old Marwan Ahmed Sakharneh from Beit Ola village west of Hebron. The soldiers confiscated his tractor while he was plowing the lands in the Enjasat area, near the Israeli separation wall.

The towns and villages of Arabeh, Kufur Ra’e, al-Zawyeh, Anzeh, and Fahmeh were also raided but no arrests were recorded.

Israeli forces handed out demolition notices to the residents of Sourif, a village near Hebron. Activist Yousef Abu Maria told Wafa that the Israelis gave notices to Jamal Mohamad al-Qadi and Ibrahim Abdul Hadi Hamedat, informing them that their irrigation well and dozens of olive and almond trees would be destroyed. The well and trees are located in a 12-dunum (3 acre) plot of land near the separation wall. The soldiers gave al-Qadi and Hamedat 45 days to uproot their trees before bulldozers demolish them.

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