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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Haneyya: The Israeli occupation lives in isolation

[ 23/11/2011 - 02:33 PM ] 

GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya said that the Israeli occupation started to live in international isolation and the frequent visits made by dignitaries to the besieged Gaza Strip confirmed that.

Haneyya made his remarks on Monday evening during a ceremony held in honor of the visiting international delegation that came to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid and issue the universal declaration against besieging nations.

The premier stated that the Palestinian people appreciate such visits that have political meanings.

"We do not have to explain the Palestinian cause and the dimensions of the Zionist siege because what these supporters have done reflected their deep awareness of the Palestinian reality," the premier said.
He highlighted that the Israeli occupation of Palestine is the root of the problem and that the Palestinian cause is a political issue par excellence and not humanitarian, despite the importance of the humanitarian aspect in the internal Palestinian situation.

He called for reactivating Goldstone report in international conferences and meetings and bringing Israel's war criminals to international justice.

The premier also urged the representatives of the Arab uprisings who came along with the international delegation to help the Palestinian people liberate their land from the occupation.

  Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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