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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Palestinian, Israeli videos offer conflicting views of East Jerusalem assault

  • Published 00:36 25.10.11
  • Latest update 00:36 25.10.11

Palestinian video shows a man subduing a boy throwing rocks, while Jewish video shows boy and other children vandalizing a house with rocks and iron rods.

By Nir Hasson
Two nongovernmental organizations operating in East Jerusalem - one Palestinian, the other Jewish - have each released videos to support their conflicting versions of an incident earlier this month in which Elad director David Be'eri subdued a Palestinian boy and handed him over to Israeli police officers for questioning.
In the Palestinian video, by the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Silwan, Be'eri is seen grabbing the 10-year-old, who was throwing rocks at a house in Abu Tor owned by Elad. As Be'eri drags the boy with him for several minutes, the pair meet an older Palestinian man who hits the boy.

David Be’eri - 25102011
A screengrab from the video showing Be’eri grabbing the boy.

The Jewish video, provided by Elad itself, begins several minutes before the Palestinian video. It shows the boy and several other children vandalizing the house with rocks and iron rods. Their faces concealed, the children smash the windows and throw furniture out the window. At the end of the film, Be'eri can be seen grabbing one of the boys, who is holding an iron rod.
An attorney representing the boy's family said he will lodge a police complaint against Be'eri for "assault and false imprisonment," on Tuesday.
"He didn't throw rocks and, if he did, a citizen cannot take the law into his own hands," attorney Amar Yassin said on Monday.
Lawyers consulted by Haaretz said Be'eri can legitimately claim he did not act unlawfully, noting that a citizen has the right to apprehend another citizen in the act of committing a crime and detain them until the police arrive. The boy, who is too young to face criminal charges, was questioned by police for several hours and released.

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