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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moshe Menuhin (Jew)

Moshe Menuhin (1893-1983) was born in Russia but lived in Palestine, Israel and the US. A prominent anti-Zionist, he was the author of "The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time", "Jewish Critics of Zionism", and of the family history "The Menuhin Saga". He was the father of famous violinist and universalist Yehudi Menuhin (see Wikipedia: ).

Moshe Menuhin re Israeli oppression of Palestinians: “Jews should be Jews - not Nazis.” [1].

Moshe Menuhin re justice for the Arabs: “The education of prophetic Judaism that I got from my grandfather did not allow me to become an Arab hater. The Jews and Arabs can and should become good neighbors and collaborate jointly in every sense. And as the Arabs gain their political state and freedom (in Palestine), and as the world concentrates more and more on peace, justice and mutual aid, the border lines will stop having any significance.” [1].

Moshe Menuhin re an exclusively  Zionist Jerusalem: “World Jewry never needed Jerusalem for their spiritual lives… [for 2,000 years] it was the diaspora that gave spiritual assets to those few Jews who lived peacefully with the Arabs in Arab Palestine. With the coming of the new world order of a civilized nature, such claims of influence, spiritual centers, are archaic and out of date. The best of all nations and races belongs to all humanity, and the negative phases evolution will discard as ‘spiritual’ garbage.” [1].

[1]. Moshe Menuhin quoted by Grace Halsell in “Like father, like son: a tribute to Moshe and Yehudi Menuhin”, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), July 1996: .

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